Smart Capital Venture Pitch

This is an example of a venture pitch and a brief introduction to the key info-modules available.

Overview and summary of various details about the pitch including tagline, industry variables as well as corporate identity of the company behind it
Key figures related to investment needed, current status and available time to commit to invest
In this section the company will post various key points, highlights and milestones either already achieved or within their target to provide better overview
A summary of which deal terms have been posted, which options are available and a current assessment of valuation
This will provide you with the uploaded pitch-deck of the company. You can either scroll or click on view the whole deck in separate window
A list of all uploaded documents and files by the company
This section shows all the needs the company has and the budget allocated to each one of them
Share of Needs breaks-down all the needs that are wanted and their respective % of total needs
Revenue Forecast (coming soon) will show various charts and averages by the founder to provide various scenarios to the Experts
Return on Investment (coming soon) will provide additional information about the potential invest and key figures to support a variety of analysis to determine investment opportunities.

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