Smart Capital Expert Profile

This is an example of a smart capital investor profile and a brief introduction to the key modules available to you.

Profile Overview providing you with a snapshot summary of yourself
Highlighting your skills split into years of experience as well as proficiency level
Your strength of your network and industry displayed in a matrix
Set your own rates per hour, day as well as for introductions and door-openers you provide
Your availability broken down for each month to provide full flexibility
In correlation with your “My Ratecard” section here you can specify all discounts you are willing to offer
Add any companies you have worked with in the past and with whom you still have strong relations with.
Add your work experience by showcasing your past companies
Important section for you to select which stage of ventures you are interested to look into and provide your expertise
Set the languages your are able to speak and write as well you are comfortable to handle a project in
This section allows you to speficy various preferences of yours when it comes to industries, customer groups and business models

Stop wasting time looking for capital, just supercharge your team.

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Transform your skills & business contacts into smart investment capital and become a venture investor without cash.
Your alternative to venture-funding. List your needs & supercharge your team, which will have skin in the game.
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