Smart Capital Expert Profile

This is an example of a smart capital investor profile and a brief introduction to the key modules available to you.

Full snapshot overview about the Expert
This section shows you the main skills of the Expert and their level of proficiency and experience
This matrix highlights the specific network strength of the Expert and which industries he/she is strong at
The Ratecard provides you with a summary of all the rates the Expert has posted and is willing to offer
A very useful section that showcases all the availability of the expert broken down for each month to provide you with full transparency
Now the juicy part => see all the available discounts the expert is willing to offer and the smart capital conversion willingness towards projects.
This part is interesting as it indicated the connections the expert has with companies in various sectors and industries and the potential to provide important introductions and/or door-openers for you and your company
Companies that the expert has worked at and the expertise generated to bring to the table
This section provides you with indications for which stages the expert is willing to provide his/her services to.
A very useful area in which you not only can see which languages the expert is proficient of but as well in which languages the project could potentially be conducted in.
Last but not least this section provides you with indicators on various areas the expert has indicated his/her preferences to cooperate with.

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